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#TBT Generating a Case to the Breitling Top Time 810Today's #TBT analyses a chronograph that I've been hunting for a very long time, a Mark 1 Breitling Top Time 810. It is just a watch - as well as a watch line that existed for a long time - that is grossly underrated in vintage watch collector circles for a long time, but is finally profiting from deserved notice. Evidence of this tends to come right after scanning this article when you go hunt for one because -poof- they've all but disappeared.Breitling Top Time 810 vs Heuer CarreraThe Heuer Carrera receives the lion's share of credit for ushering in modern and clean chronograph design in 1964. We've covered earlier 2447 and there isn't any doubt concerning this that it must be considered one of watch history's most important pieces. In conjunction with said design traits, Heuer quickly linked itself to famous racers to help further legitimize the replica watches as useful instruments with the track. However, from the same year, the Breitling 810 Top There was a time also introduced.For reasons uknown, the mainstream vintage watch world has largely ignored the Breitling 810 Top Time and the fact what's more, it brought "simple sporty" design to the market. I can posit theories as to why, but I'll offer one primary theory; Breitling had been making modernly styled chronographs for years before the relieve the superior Time. Therefore, perhaps the Heuer received more press because it was truly transforming from stopwatch maker to wristwatch constructor. But - as you've likely guessed - I'm here to convince you the 810 is every bit as credible as other more famous chronographs on the era. Let's examine why ?8mm Diameter Breitling Top Time 810Let's begin with size because I think it's one of the most endearing areas of the Breitling 810 Top Time. The early Mark 1 810's were produced which has a case diameter of slightly below 38mm. In comparison to the petite Carrera of 36mm, the Top Times are comparatively massive. Another proportional difference is expressed in lug width. Whereas the Carrera sported slender 18mm lugs, the Breitling weighs along with a massive 21mm gap. It's an enormous difference that adds some real visual weight to # 1 Time - an excessive amount of based on the selection of strap i think - and it also helps further erase an essential complaint that large-wristed potential vintage watch buyers usually have. Make no mistake, determined by dimensions alone, the 810 is really a thoroughly modern watch despite a time of over 50 years!Within the wrist, the Breitling Top Time 810 shows its size well. It's not as big as a Speedmaster and it's quite a bit less flat. A substantial domed acrylic crystal actually results in the illusion of mass likewise. I've set the 810 over a medium brown strap for now - I've tried a black racing style strap too - and it's what I like best thus far. I only say "so far" once i may want to go custom with something that tapers much more dramatically towards buckle. Why? Well, I discussed the wide lugs above i can't help but believe 20mm as well as 19mm could possibly have served the truth slightly better. Perhaps tapering more will fool my attention into thinking that the lugs are narrower - let's wait and watch.One among One of the best Case DesignsBut, if size were the one thing that counted, we'd all be retrofitting pocket replica watches for all our wrists. No, the detail which enables the Breitling 810 Top Time, plus the Mark 1 case specifically, is its case design. Simply stated, this really is considered one of my personal favorite cases of all. To aid exemplify my rationale, I've lined up a Mark 1 cased example alongside an indication 2 (1967 and then example) and you could start to see the elegance, and dare I believe that grace, found on the early piece due to its lug design. They flow organically from the case rather than looking rather like an add-on on the Mark 2. Both examples should have praise, however it's early specimen's lugs that actually strike a chord when camping. About the early base, the lugs feature hardly noticeable chamfers on their own tips - a great deal less pronounced than you are on similar vintage Navitimers or Co-Pilots - this also provides them a gentle appearance. Perhaps it's really a nod to older design, but it really hardly seems outdated.Monocoque or Snap Back?The case design for the Breitling 810 Top Time can also be worth a view through the reverse. The trunk, in addition to containing the model reference and name brand, looks "bank vault" solid. However, it becomes an illusion. Even though the earliest Mark 1 cases (generally known as Mark 1.1's) were in fact top-loader monocoques expressed by EPSA, this model contains a barely evident crease for yourself and it is actually a snap-back. Blame manufacturing costs for the change or difficult access while servicing, however the brand did an excellent job of transitioning from Mark 1.1. to Mark 1.2. Have a look at the lovely concave ridge just higher than the case back - a great detail that shouts "EPSA".A well used Dial DesignDial-wise, the Breitling Top Time 810 is textbook racing chronograph. It's actually a typical three-register layout which has a printed outer tachymeter scale. Printing within the black dial surface is conducted in white whilst the silver ridged registers contain black numbers. The hands are thin, white and perfectly elegant for any watch with a similarly sleek case. Lume is printed on the dial to the hour markers, and that is consistent with the sporty theme. Straightforward name "Top Time", it's printed simply higher than the lower register in serious, capitalized font. All in all, there's little whimsy here and clarity wise, it's on the websites for using the best pieces in the 1960's.From the Breitling Top Time 810, one encounters the familiar Venus 178. We're down this path more often than not before - Navitimers, Cosmonautes, and Co-Pilots - since it was Breitling's favored decision for chronographs. There isn't much to note in their application on the Top Time other than the belief that the objective 1's put up having a curiously small winding crown when arranged resistant to the Mark 2's. It is just a small complaint he Breitling Top Time 810 is Reasonable if you possibly could Find OneThe Breitling Top Time 810 is among those replica watches that was hunted down by purists and is also often mentioned on forums being a beautifully pure classic chronograph. However, similar to most Breitlings, it hasn't turn into real "darling" about the auction block. Like older chronographs cheap replica watches , values have risen without matter the execution, decent stainless models now seem to safely Rolex GMT Replica command between $4,000 - 5,000. On one hand, this is in stark contrast to prices only 2-3 in years past (while i bought my Mark 2) that hovered inside $1,500 - 2,000 range, but Top Time values still pale in comparison with Carreras of identical era. For me, that signals a bargain and another that wont likely last.If you're trying to find a decent stainless Breitling Top Time 810, there are various points to consider. Mark 1 cases haven't truly separated themselves value-wise from Mark 2's, but I personally think the reason is , absence of auction activity, because early pieces seem much more rare. Dial damage is typical (each mine show some missing white printing) and incorrect hands will also be common. So, do just be sure you do your homework and similar to most things, the cosmetic pieces are becoming increasingly difficult to get. Breitling Source is a superb forum which you could inquire and our ever-present helper for the brand, @watchfred, normally patrols it's and it is always helpful.An Underrated Classic he Mark 1 Breitling Top Time 810 is an illustration showing a near perfect chronograph design in my book. I can thank Fred for offering it in my experience - that it was a gentleman's agreement from over Few months ago. Essentially, he accepted forget about certainly one of his prized beauties should another not appear easily obtainable in the meantime. Let's face it, we looked daily and absolutely nothing correct showed up on the market. If doesn't speak to the present interest on this model (and vintage chronographs on the whole), then I not really know exactly what does. This can be a beauty and may remain like a highlight during my collection.Bonus: Breitling Top Time 810 GuideBut wait, there's more!! So that you can help collectors be aware of the stainless Breitling Top Time 810 variants, Fred has been generous enough to produce several photos assist us produce a simple and brief guide. Note that this discusses stainless models only - gold plated models exist. Also, like all things vintage, slight variants exist. This details the most widespread variants of 810 stainless production from 1964 through roughly 1972. Thanks Fred!Mark 1.1The first Breitling Top Time 810 (Mark 1.1) debuted in 1964 having a Venus 178 movement and was generated for roughly a year. This was a 38mm monocoque case (top-loader) made by EPSA and yes it started in 2 variants. The primary was obviously a black dial reverse panda layout with applied lume for the hour markers.The 2nd was an all-silver dial with applied markers.Mark 1.2The Mark 1.2 Breitling Top Time 810 would be the version we discussed in today's article. This became made during 1965-1966 and, curiously, appeared only in the reverse panda version with applied lume in the markers. The hour markers were of an different design as opposed to Mark 1.1. Also, as stated, the 38mm case appears the same as the 1.1, but transferred to effortless back. replica rolex watch for sale Interestingly, Craig at chronodeco treats this like a top loader - because case backs are sometimes reluctant to snap directly into place. The Venus 178 was the only real movement offered.Mark 2In 1967, the Breitling Top Time 810 changed course using an entirely different case design. At 38.5mm, the case grew and have become a little "flatter" using a less domed crystal. Simple back was retained and also a larger crown was added. Additionally, the lugs changed greatly, lost their chamfer and narrowed having a lug width of 19mm versus the prior model's gap of 21mm. fake rolex watch The dial remained fundamentally the same, although variants exist where hashes do or usually do not exist on the minutes sub-register to indicate mobile call times. Note the fact hands changed to larger, arguably funkier, rectangles.Additional big news was adding a true panda dial with applied hour markers. The Venus 178 continued since the sole powerplant.Mark 2 with Red HandFrom roughly 1969 until 1972, the Breitling Top Time 810 soldiered lets start on little change form addition of a red central seconds hand. Venus 178 movements were utilized although production had ceased. It is additionally likely that cases got their start in stock likewise.After that, the very best Time line continued in numerous forms, nevertheless the 810's were discontinued as well as other movements were employed. Some were enjoyable, in my personal opinion, the special moment years were inside the rearview mirror. Produce your own . you enjoyed a brief glance at the variants -happy collecting!